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TOP Ingredients for Normalizing Sexual Function

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In our review, we considered the TOP-12 most popular components that modern men use to treat sexual dysfunction. Each man will be able to find the most suitable product for himself using information on describing the benefits and possible contraindications.



Panax Ginseng



Panax Ginseng


Ginseng is a popular remedy that has been used by our ancestors since ancient times to normalize the work of sexual function. Today, the plant impacts as a sexual stimulant, which is part of most drugs for men.


Thanks to a wide list of positive characteristics of the Ginseng root, experts approve its regular use as a bio supplement for food.


 Let's highlight the main advantages of Panax Ginseng:


    • Natural origin and absence of contraindications;

    • Complex effect on sexual function (increased potency, more powerful and prolonged erection, prevention of premature and insufficient volume ejaculation, etc.);

    • Improves the functioning of the nervous system, while increasing its stress resistance.


Mucuna Pruriens



Mucuna Pruriens


Mucuna is a burning beneficial food supplement used for disorders of sexual function. Extract of the plant most favorably affects the increase in potency and libido. Regular use of the remedy helps to increase the tone of the whole body.


 Let's designate the main advantages of taking Mucuna Pruriens:


    • Safe and positive influence on the sexual function of the male body;

    • The result becomes visible after several procedures;

    • Prevention of erectile dysfunction.


Muira Puama



Muira Puama


Muira Puama extract is a natural aphrodisiac that stimulates sexual desire and promotes a longer sexual intercourse. A plant from Brazil effectively helps to cope with impotence and also improves the stress-resistance of the nervous system.


 The advantages of Muira Puama are the following qualitative characteristics:


    • Natural aphrodisiac can be used in its pure form, as well as in combination with other active ingredients;

    • Prevention of dangerous male diseases;

    • Potency, erection, and ejaculation are getting better.


It is not recommended to take young people under the age of 18.



Tribulus Terrestris



Tribulus Terrestris


The goat's-head has long been known to people as an effective means to increase the level of the male hormone. Today, most food additives are produced by a goat's-head.


 Let’s denote the list of positive qualities of the plant:


    • In the process of regular use, an erection and ejaculation become better, the potency considerably increases. Sexual stamina becomes a level higher, and there is an increased sensitivity of the genitals;

    • Promotes increased muscle mass, which affects the process of increasing the penis;

    • Prevention of a variety of diseases, including those concerning men's health;

    • The absence of contraindications for men, except for cases of prostatic hyperplasia.







Damiana belongs to the category of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs to improve the state of male sexual health. Extract of the plant is used in most drugs for the treatment of impotence and infertility.


 Let's single out the positive moments that a man gets when using Damiana:


    • Integrated strengthening of male power, consisting of improved erection, increased potency and activity of spermatozoa;

    • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Damiana contribute to the prevention of male diseases;

    • Removes harmful slags and harmful toxins from the body;

    • Slows down the aging of cells.


Damiana significantly increases the level of sugar in the blood, so people with diabetes should be careful with remedies based on this aphrodisiac.



Maca Root



Maca Root


The root of the Peruvian Poppy is an exotic plant that is known for its miraculous properties in the process of normalizing sexual dysfunction in men. The constituent substances of the plant are useful and safe for human health. Systematic use of the Maca Root greatly facilitates the painful course of male diseases.


 The benefits of the root of an exotic plant are the following:


    • A safe tool that not only increases potency and enhances an erection, but also positively affects a man's sexual endurance;

    • Effectively overcomes and prevents the development of most male diseases (prostatitis, impotence, etc.);

    • A natural component that does not cause adverse reactions. Maca is allowed to use people of different age categories.


Yohimbine Tree Bark



Yohimbine Tree Bark


Today, the Yohimbine component is used as a separate component to increase potency and treat impotence. Also, Yohimbine is a part of most bio remedies, whose action is aimed at eliminating the sexual dysfunction of the male body.


 The benefits of using Yohimbine bark are as follows:


    • The combined effect, which increases the potency and makes the erection more prolonged and powerful;

    • Activates sexual activity, and also promotes a more sensitive orgasm;

    • The duration and quality of sex increase several times.




Along with a wide list of positive properties of the plant, the use of Yohimbine bark has a large number of contraindications: ulcerous diseases, nervous system disorders, glaucoma, insulin dependence, a disease of kidney, liver, etc. It is strictly forbidden to take Yohimbine to the older persons, as well as youngsters under age 18.






The lack of Zinc in the body significantly reduces the activity of spermatozoa. Therefore, all men need to regularly monitor the flow of Zinc to the body. A sufficient level of Zinc provides men with increased potency, firmer erection, and a natural stimulation of testosterone production. The source of Zinc can be ordinary food or special remedies.