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Detailed review of Semenax

Male Reproductive Health, UCSF Urologist, urologic surgeon

Semenax pills


It’s a fact of life that people age. And when they do age, their entire organism begins to fail at certain intervals. This goes especially for the reproductive health and power, and especially of men. A lot of men have issues with having a firm erection, as well as being able to produce bigger loads of semen when they ejaculate. This is a natural phenomenon that affects many men, though the sad part about it is that most men don’t care much about communicating this condition to other people. But if you happen to have these issues, then we advise you to worry not, because help is at hand.


The importance of shooting big loads of sperm when you ejaculate cannot be overstated. It has a profound psychological effect on the level of your confidence, and the sex partners of men typically report that bigger loads of semen from their partner make them hornier, and they appreciate the sexual power of their partner more if this is the case. So, it would only be logical for you to invest in a way to improve your semen loads. And this is to be achieved through the use of the so-called Semenax pills.


What are the Semenax Pills and How Do they Work?


The Semenax pills are specially designed tablets, which you can use to increase your sexual health – meaning you will produce a lot more semen, and you will increase your sexual endurance and power as well. The Semenax pills are in fact created with the combination of entirely natural ingredients, which together form a whole that’s bigger than the sum of its parts. This means that they work in synergy to combine their effects, to improve your sexual health.


How Semenax Works


Now, there are several different ingredients used in the creation of the Semenax pills, and we’ll mention them in a section down below, but for now, you only need to know that they are potent in improving several different parameters of your sexual health and power. They are scientifically shown to improve your prostate health, to improve the blood flow to your penis, and to increase the semen production within your testicles. All of this will be a tremendous improvement in your sexual health, as the thousands of people that have used this product testify.


The way that you should use this product is by taking one or two of these pills per day, every day until you begin to see improvement. They are shown to be effective after no less than seven days of continued use. So, it’s not much of an effort on your behalf to take these pills – all you will need to do is to prepare a glass of water, and one pill for two different parts of the day. This should take no longer than a minute of your time. And it will result in a significant improvement in your overall sexual health. You can trust our word for it.


What’s Inside the Semenax Pills?


As we’ve mentioned before, there are several different ingredients within the constitution of the Semenax pills. What’s important to know here is that they are entirely natural. Many people feel that they don’t trust ingredients and substances that are made in laboratories. They trust only Mother Nature. So, it’s only logical when we see the phenomenon that many people have an instinctual distrust towards pills in any form whatsoever. They feel like the pills are chemically made in and of themselves, and thus they are not of nature. Well, they are wrong. In fact, all of the ingredients used in the creation of the Semenax pills are 100% natural. So, all of the worries that people have regarding chemically laden supplements are unnecessary when it comes to these tablets. You will only bring in your organism natural ingredients, and these ingredients are shown that in most cases they have no adverse side effects at all. If you pick one of the chemically laden potency enhancers that are available for sale, then you would read the manual that there are several not so naive potential side effects – ranging from nausea and vomiting to hair loss, to allergic reaction, etc. You won’t have to worry about this with these pills.


Semenax ingredients


Now, as to the ingredients themselves, we’ll show a list of them promptly. Some of the ingredients are the following:


  1. Hawthorne,
  2. Cranberry extract,
  3. Maca,
  4. Vitamin E,
  5. L-Carnitine,
  6. Pumpkin seed,
  7. Swedish flower pollen,
  8. Sarsaparilla,
  9. Butea Superba.


There are some other additional ingredients within the Semenax pills, but for practical, will end the list here. What’s important for you to know is that all of these elements are shown in one way or another to have a profound impact on your sexual health and its various parameters – the penile strength, the load of semen, the health of the prostate, etc.


What’s Good About the Semenax Pills?


1 month

2 months


Semen volume increased by 20%


Higher libido



Semen volume increased by 40%


Enhanced erectile function


6 months

12 months


Semen volume increased by 100%


Increased contraction strength, longer and harder erections



Semen volume increased by 200%


Longer and more intense orgasms



Well, by now you should have realized everything that you need to know regarding the beneficial effects of the Semenax pills. But for the sake of reference, and at the risk of repeating ourselves, we will mention them once again. If you use these pills as is recommended, you are likely to experience a big increase in your libido. You are to begin having intense orgasms, a lot stronger than you ever had before. And the quantity of semen that you will ejaculate will be a lot larger.


What’s Bad About the Semenax Pills?


The fact of the matter is that there aren’t many bad things about these pills. If we had to mention one, then we’d say that it comes at a relatively steep price, and only those that are serious about their sexual health are likely to invest. Although when you think about it – it’s a worthy investment when you realize just how many benefits there are with the use of this product.


Final Verdict


Semenax benefits


There isn’t anything new to mention here – we know that you have all the necessary information to make your own choice on whether to buy and try out this product. Either way, this product has our seal of approval, and we hope that you will try it out to see the many sexual benefits that you will experience, with your own eyes.

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