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Detailed review of Performer5

Male Reproductive Health, UCSF Urologist, urologic surgeon

For many men, the volume of their semen is an indicator of their manhood and their potency in sexual terms. However, this is not the only thing that the appearance and volume of the semen can tell us. The semen volume has a direct impact on the pleasure men feel during ejaculation and the intensity of their climax. If you are a healthy man, then you are probably ejaculating a decent amount of semen.


But, there are a few other things that have an impact on sperm volume and count. Obviously, your health, in general, is very important. Doctors agree that men, who are fit, usually have much better reproductive and sexual health. The point is that men can affect the production of semen.


In case you want to boost your semen production and improve sexual pleasure, you can count on natural semen volume enhancers. There are many examples of products like this on the market today, but some of them are more popular than the others. In the last couple of years, men are showing great interest in Performer5.



What is Performer5 and How it Works?





There are many different ways, in which we can describe this product because it promises a broad range of benefits to men’s sexual health. Generally speaking, Perfomer5 is a supplement that is available in the form of pills, based on natural ingredients. This product promises male sexual enhancement by improving the production of semen and increasing the semen volume by up to five times. The result users can expect will change their views about sex because they will enjoy a whole new experience in bed.


It is good to point out that Performer5 is produced by a company that has experience in this field – Marlia Health. This company is known for MaleExtra pills, which is one of the best known male enhancement products today. The Performer5 pills are different because they use the dual system. In other words, users will not only get unique pills but also some gifts that can improve their performance and health. For instance, users can expect to get Penis Health exercises or something similar.


With the help of the unique herbal, all-natural formulation men can perform like never before. As already mentioned, creating 500% more ejaculate is only one of the advantages of using Performer5. Additionally, you can expect to get very hard and long erections and orgasms that will make you remember every sexual encounter for days. The same goes for your partner of course.


Since all the ingredients found in it are natural, it’s worth mentioning that there is no risk to any part of your body. This product doesn’t create any side effects. On top of that, these ingredients are carefully selected and combined in a unique way for optimal results. In the end, let’s say that Performer5 promises quick results and this is very important to most men.



What’s Inside Performer5?



Performer5 ingredients


There are a few ways to determine the quality of any supplement, and the ingredients it contains is one of them. This is where Performer5 is strongest. Namely, the manufacturer has not only used high-quality natural ingredients (extracts from herbs), but they have also used the right amount of each ingredient. This makes Performer5 different compared to other products like this.


We will now list and explain some of these components:


    • Zinc is a very important mineral for the overall health of men (and women). In this case, zinc is obtained from a few different natural sources. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that zinc can boost the amount of ejaculate, leading to the massive release and longer orgasms. What is even more important is that the quality of zinc directly affects the increase of ejaculation. In this case, we are talking about zinc obtained from the finest natural sources – herbal extracts from plants that have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. The manufacturer claims that the zinc in the product is the main reason why it can help men boost their ejaculate by up to five times. Zinc also enhances the production of testosterone.

    • Creatine monohydrate – another natural ingredient that is rarely found in other semen enhancers. Creatine monohydrate is here to postpone the symptoms of fatigue triggered by lactic acid. Also, this part can also speed up the process of recovery. In other words, you can get involved in another sexual activity shortly after you release semen.

    • L-arginine is a commonly found ingredient in natural supplements used in different health-enhancing products. It can boost nitric oxide levels allowing additional blood flow to the manhood and stronger erections.

    • L-glycine  is here to improve erection. Namely, L-glycine supports HGH production, which has been closely related to penis length and girth.


Performer5 contains few other ingredients that share similar characteristics – they are natural, completely safe and they improve sexual performance in men, especially semen production and semen volume.



What’s Good About Performer5?



1 month

2 months

Semen volume increased by 50%

Improved sexual drive

Semen volume increased by 100%

Improved erections strength and size

3 months

6 months

Semen volume increased by 200%

Mind-blowing intense orgasms
Semen volume increased by 500%

Ejaculate further and with more power


All the ingredients found in Performer5 are completely natural, and many of them have been clinically tested.


These pills are not only useful for improving semen volume and count, but also for improving male sexual health in general. The manufacturer is convinced of the efficiency of their product, which is why they are providing a money-back guarantee offer.


Performer5 pills also come with a gift focused on male sexual performance.



What’s Bad About Performer5?



This is a relatively new product that doesn’t have many reviews from independent sources. However, the content of the supplement and the manufacturer that stands behind it makes it relevant.



Final Verdict



Performer5 benefits


Performer5 is an excellent semen enhancer. It contains zinc and other natural ingredients, and it works simply. This is important because users should not expect any side effects. Another important thing to mention is that this product is relatively inexpensive. Since you don’t have much to lose (it’s cheap and doesn’t lead to side effects), we would strongly suggest giving this product a try.
$ 68.95 - 1 bottle
$ 118.95 - 2 bottles
$ 176.95 - 3 bottles
Can be shipped to Ukraine


28 45%


22 35%


12 19%
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