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Detailed review of Hydromax X-Series

Male Reproductive Health, UCSF Urologist, urologic surgeon

We have heard many times that the size of the penis is not important to women. Of course, these answers are given publicly, but when the surveys are anonymous, most women say that size matters. In fact, there is scientific proof, that the thickness and length of the penis and the strength of the erection plays a significant role in the overall satisfaction during sexual intercourse. The vagina has many nerve endings, which cause arousal and make sex more enjoyable. These nerve endings are situated all over the vagina, and some of them are placed deep inside. This means that men with small penises can’t put enough pressure on these nerve endings and can’t provide satisfaction to women.


The vast majority of men know this, and they are wondering, whether they can do something to solve this problem. In the last two decades, we have witnessed the emergence of different devices and pills, that promise an extension of the penis in a relatively short period. Most of them have proven to be ineffective and very expensive. However, many men have reported success with penis pumps. Of course, not all of these pumps are equally efficient and safe, and that’s why potential buyers must read detailed reviews about these products before buying one. The following is a precise review of the popular Hydromax X-Series penis pumps made by Bathmate.


How does Hydromax X-Series penis pump work?


Hydromax X-Series penis pump


Penis pumps are present on the market for a long period. Most of them have unique features, but the core principles that they rely on are more or less the same. This is not the case with the Hydromax X-Series produced by Bathmate. Namely, the penis pumps, which we all know, are relying on air to create pressure, but Hydromax X-Series pumps utilize water. With the help of water, they are creating a vacuum around the penis. So, once the water is extracted from this area, the penis naturally grows. This is the natural response to the exposure of water and pressure. Also, water is here to aid the cushioning of your manhood during this sophisticated process. This is the reason, why users don’t feel pain, or some of the curvatures, or bulging, which is frequent when men use ordinary penis pumps.


It was proven, that water-based penis pumps are more powerful and more efficient. The primary purpose of this penis pump is to help men eliminate all the erection problems they have and increasing the size of the penis. The pump is doing this at the same time. The Hydromax X-Series pumps create suction power that is up to 3% higher than the one, produced by ordinary penis pumps. The reason for this is simple – this is the only way to deliver long-lasting and quick results.


These pumps were clinically tested, and the results have shown that Hydromax X-Series pumps can ease or even eliminate erectile dysfunction and increase the overall size of the penis. On top of that, the use of this pump is more than safe, but only if you use it as instructed.


What makes Hydromax X-Series penis pumps different?


We have already mentioned a few things that make the Hydromax X-Series unique, but we will now highlight the most important ones. In addition to the fact that Hydromax X-Series pumps deliver up to 35% more suctioning power, these pumps come with a unique Bellows Pump System. Furthermore, they also gave a ring that is created with comfort in mind. This ring is here to provide complete support to the penis. We should also mention the strong 360-degree rotation system which makes the use of these pumps much simpler. The creators of this series have used this feature to provide users a unique chance to check the chamber and adjust the angle or incline according to their specific needs and requirements. This one-of-a-kind latch-valve concept also allows easy managing and filling of the pump. Most users can perform these activities with one hand.


Hydromax X-Series penis pump


Another great thing about the Hydromax X-Series pumps is that these attractive and easy-to-use penis pumps promise quick results. The team behind this series says that when you are using their devices, it’s like performing weight training focused on your penis. It’s good to mention that although you will be able to witness some positive results even after one use, after a few hours the penis will get back to its “normal” size. The same happens after the first weight training class. Your muscles will look bulky, but after a few hours, the effects will be gone. However, if you are using the pump on a regular basis (at least 3-4 times a week), you will soon witness permanent results. What’s even more interesting is that these positive effects will be visible even when the penis is not erected.


Advantages of using Hydromax X-Series penis pumps


1 month

2 months


+0.5 inches to your penis length
+0.3 inches to your penis girth


Harder erections



+1 inch to your penis length
+0.6 inches to your penis girth


Better libido and sexual drive


6 months

12 months


+2.5 inches to your penis length
+1 inch to your penis girth


Longer lasting erections, increased sexual satisfaction



+3.5 inches to your penis length
+1.7 inches to your penis girth


Increased self-esteem and sexual confidence



The first results of using the pumps from this series are visible after 15 minutes. The first permanent results are witnessed after a couple of weeks. This is quite fast, compared to almost all other penis pumps in the market.


Furthermore, Hydromax X-Series pumps promise results without experiencing any pain or discomfort. These pumps are safe and efficient. We should also point out, that using this pump is simple and straightforward. The manufacturer is a reputable company that provides a money-back guarantee for every pump from this series.




Disadvantages of using Hydromax X-Series penis pumps


The Hydromax X-Series penis pumps might be a little bit expensive, but the results you’ll get make any of these pumps worth it.




Hydromax X-Series penis pump


In case you have tried an ordinary air penis pump, and you were not satisfied with the results, maybe it’s time to try a hydro pump. According to many experts, Hydromax X-Series is the best option. This water penis pump has helped men, who wanted to make their manhood bigger and those suffering from erectile dysfunction.


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