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Detailed review of Bathmate Originals

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Penis enlargement is one of those things that most men don’t want to talk about. However, this doesn’t mean, that they are not thinking about that. On the contrary, several surveys have found, that most men are thinking about, how their life (especially their sexual life) would look like if they had a bigger penis.

This is not a surprise because, in many cultures, the size of the penis is the symbol of manhood. Men, who had small penises, and men suffering from erectile dysfunction have always tried to find a way to solve their problem. They wanted bigger and stronger erections so that they can impress and satisfy their partners.


In the past, men have used different blends of natural ingredients to get some results down there. In the recent period, they have a chance to go to a plastic surgeon and extend their penis a little bit. However, the first option provides mediocre results, while the second is painful and expensive (and not successful in some cases).

However, there is another option for penis enlargement, which helps men overcome these problems and enjoy the great results – a penis pump. Since there is a broad range of penis pumps on the market, experts recommend only penis pumps, which have proven to be worth the investment. One of these pumps, according to many satisfied users and specialists in this field, is the Bathmate Originals pump.


How does Bathmate work?


How does Bathmate Originals work?


Contrary to popular belief, the penis is a very complex organ. So, if you want to understand how Bathmate Originals works, you must first learn more about what happens in the penis, when men are getting an erection.


To start with, the penis has three chambers. There are two large chambers located at the top of the penis. They represent the erectile tissue also known as Corpora Cavernosa. There is also one smaller chamber located on the bottom. This is the chambers used for urination and for releasing ejaculate (also known as Carpus Spongiosum).


So, whenever men get sexual stimulation and experience sexual excitement, the brain immediately releases a hormone, that increases the level of blood in the penis. This means that the erectile tissue gets filled with more blood. In the end, the space reserved for blood in the Corpora Cavernosa is filled, leading to a powerful erection.


The fundamental objective of Bathmate pump is to exercise the penis by expanding the chambers. The first results are visible after just a couple of weeks. In the beginning, you will notice that the thickness is increased and after a short period, the length will increase too. Even the flaccid state will become larger.


Generally speaking, you should witness an increase of 0.5 or more after one month of use. If you are following the instructions in the right way, you will get a longer and thicker penis. The designers of this device recommend practicing 15-minute sessions per day.


When these designers were asked about the way, in which this device works, they have compared it to weight training focused on the penis. Namely, the basic concept is similar to weight training. Adding pressure and exercising on a daily basis will eventually make your penis bulkier.


Bathmate series


Bathmate Originals types

 Official Site

Bathmate is a company with a broad experience in this field. They have a few different series of penis pumps, and the Bathmate Originals is probably the most successful among them. This is the first hydro pump in the world. Today, users can choose between two types of Bathmate Originals – Hercules and Goliath.


Bathmate Hercules is a unique product, that was introduced ten years ago, and it is still one of the top penis pumps. The manufacturer has sold more than one million of these penis pumps all over the world. The Hercules is the first patented penis pump based on water pressure. This is also one of the most popular penis enlargement devices of all time.

Besides helping you extend the size of the penis, it will also help users maintain their penis health, which ultimately leads to a longer, more powerful, and stronger erection. According to many satisfied users, they have experienced increased sexual satisfaction too. So, if you want to improve your self-confidence in bed, you can’t go wrong with the Bathmate Hercules.


On the other hand, the Bathmate Goliath is about 30% bigger compared to the Hercules. This makes the Goliath the largest hydro pump in the world. After the positive results provided by the Hercules, Bathmate decided to invest in a pump with a larger capacity. So, two years later they have introduced the Goliath. To put it simply, Bathmate Goliath is the ideal solution for those who already have a decent manhood, but want to be even bigger.


Advantages of using Bathmate Originals


1 month

2 months


+0.3 inches to your penis length
+0.2 inches to your penis girth


Harder erections



+0.7 inches to your penis length
+0.4 inches to your penis girth


Better libido and sexual drive


6 months

12 months


+2 inches to your penis length
+1 inch to your penis girth


Longer lasting erections, increased sexual satisfaction



+3 inches to your penis length
+1.5 inches to your penis girth


Increased self-esteem and sexual confidence


 Official Site

Regardless of the model you choose, you can expect many benefits from using Bathmate Originals hydro pumps. First and foremost, you will witness permanent growth. As mentioned before, Bathmate products provide immediate results, but they are only temporary. However, if you use this device on a regular basis for several weeks, the results you’ll get will remain forever.


Next, the pressure level is safe, which means that you can’t experience discomfort. With the help of Bathmate Originals pumps you can create powerful erections. Finally, this is not just a penis pump for enlargement; it can also heal premature ejaculation, which is quite common in men today.


Disadvantages of using Bathmate


Some users say that the use of water makes the process more complicated, but after a couple of times, you will get used to this method.


Final words


Advantages of using Bathmate Originals


Without any doubt, the Bathmate Originals pumps are providing excellent results for most users. They are relying on a patented technology, which promises relatively quick results. Also, the product comes with a 2-year warranty.

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