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Quick Extender Pro
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Adam Smith M.D.
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American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons Association for Male Sexual Dysfunction American Board of Urology



The penis appears to be a sensitive issue among men as this is the male pride and the symbol of male virility and manhood. But if you suffer from a short length or poor circumference of the penis, or penile curvature, it is not the time to lose your heart and refuse from incredible sexual sensations and sex life.


Modern medicine offers men such drugs as Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra, which can help combat erectile and other penile problems. However, you may avoid any chemicals and choose a better solution the male enhancement industry offers. And this is the ProExtender.


About ProExtender


About ProExtender


The ProExtender was engineered by Jorn Ege Siana, an expert in the penis enlargement. He deeply studied that issue and in 1994 developed the first model of that device. Since that time, the appliance has been clinically tested several times and earned the loyalty of doctors from all over the world. The ProExtender is a perfect method to increase the penis in length and girth avoiding any surgeries.


The ProExtender is a penis enlargement appliance based on the modern principles. This system is approved and recommended by doctors in 29 countries and highly estimated by thousands of men all over the world. The device is used in 60 private clinics in Spain to make men happier without risky and expensive surgeries.


All the elements of the penile traction device are made by Albion Nutraceuticals and Dana Medic, which ensure the highest quality of medical materials. The ProExtender is designed to provide the slight tender of the penis causing no pain, discomfort, or harm.


ProExtender in Action


1 month

2 months


+ 8% to your penis length


Enhanced sexual performance, increased semen volume, boosted desire



+ 17% to your penis length


Longer lasting erections, more intense orgasms


3 months

6 months


+ 21% to your penis length


Firmer and more steel-hard erections, more stamina



+ 29% to your penis length


You will be able to reach further than ever before, more powerful orgasms



The process of the application and use of the system is very straightforward and easy. Any man can wear this appliance under loose trousers, and no one can see it.


To increase the length and circumference of the manhood, the ProExtender uses traction increasing the essential ability of the male body to develop under physical pressure. The constant and permanent stretching of a particular part of the body causes its cells to divide and multiply. This leads to a larger tissue mass, and an increased penile length (by up to 24%) and girth (by up to 19%). This natural process has been used in different nations for ages to extend various parts of the body, including necks and lips. The device can also treat Peyronie's disease (penile curvature) making the penis straighter and longer.


The ProExtender includes one basal plastic ring and a recess for the urethra. The plastic ring is fastened around the base of the penis. Then, two dynamic metal bars – one with a right-handed thread and the other with a left-handed thread – are attached to the ring and a plastic support from. These bars apply a variable pressure – 600 to 1,500 grams, which you should control when using the device. Each bar contains a spring contrivance. The support has two holes, through which a silicone tube is passed. The tube forms a loop, through which you introduce the head of the penis.


ProExtender results


Now, you should press the plastic support against your body and fasten the silicone tube around the head of the penis by pulling and pressing its ends into two notches. This secures the fastening of the head. If a man is circumcised, the silicone tube is adjusted right below the glans.

If you are a beginner, you should start with an initial force not exceeding 600 – 900 grams of traction and wear the appliance for 4 to 8 hours on a daily basis. In two to three weeks, you should increase the traction force up to 900 – 1,200 grams and use the mechanism for 8 to 12 hours per day. To achieve the highest results, you are recommended using the ProExtender for three to six months.


The parts of the traction device are made of high-quality silicone, plastic, brass, and stainless steel, which do not cause irritation, rash, or allergy. But at the beginning, you may experience soreness. To alleviate it, the company provides the protection pad. You should slowly expand and fit it behind the glans. You can wash the protection pad in warm water or buy a new one on the official website.


You should clean the device with water and soap every day, and use a chlorhexidine alcohol solution (0.5%) as disinfection.


Places to Purchase the ProExtender


Purchase the ProExtender


The manufacturer offers four options for its customers:


  1. Original ProExtender (in a cardboard case) for USD 299.95;
  2. Deluxe ProExtender (in a metal case) for USD 399.95;
  3. Original ProExtender System (a cardboard case, one original appliance, one bottle of VigRX Pills, one bottle of Semenax Pills) for USD 329.95;
  4. Deluxe ProExtender System (a metal case, one original appliance, one bottle of VigRX Pills, one bottle of Semenax Pills) for USD 429.95.


The company provides its customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee – for six months! You have 187 days (6 months for trial + 1 week for return) upon the receipt of your order to try out the product. If you are dissatisfied with the results for any reason, you may return the device and get your full refund (excluding shipping and handling fees).


Customers receive such a generous money-back guarantee as the manufacturer is sure of the quality and effectiveness of its appliance. Now, you can enjoy incredible sex and satisfy your partner in full.

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It was hard to choose a penis extender, that offers painless penis traction. I have read many threads on penis enlargement forums to make a purchase decision. Proextender is an unexpected choice for me. It's not the premium product, but it's just for me, because it works naturally and helps my penis to grow day by day without any harm to my sexual health. Proextender has the strongest money back policy, but i don't need it, because this is a proven effective penis traction device

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