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Phallosan forte is the patented orthopedic belt system based on a new and revolutionary vacuum protector technology.

Phallosan Forte
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Phallosan Forte works to increase the penis in length and girth.


The Phallosan Forte manufacturer has 14 years of experience in the production of penis enlargement systems and knows its business. It has the CE symbol, is manufactured according to the requirements of European health authorities, and complies with the EC Council Directive 93/42/EEC.


Phallosan in Action


Phallosan Forte is a device that creates a vacuum around the penis and stimulates the growth of new cells by exerting slight tension to your manhood. The skin and tissues are lengthened and enlarged. Its principle is easy and simple, and its action is gentle but constant.


Your glans and foreskin are protected with a cap and a special airtight condom from swelling and redness. The mechanism is secured with a belt, which you can adjust to your body. You can increase the pressure to achieve faster results.


phallosan graph


If you wear the system for several months on the regular basis, new cells can gain a three-dimensional expansion leading to longer and fuller penis. Its effects are permanent as the cells cannot disappear.


Phallosan Forte is also used to treat the light erectile dysfunction, foreshortened or bent penis, it's a natural penis enlargement product.


You can choose from three sizes (small, medium or large) and wear the device up to 12 hours during the day or leave it for a night – no problems and no pain.


Phallosan Compounds


The Phallosan Forte traction device includes:


  1. A three-way valve
  2. Bells
  3. A sleeve-condom
  4. A protector cap
  5. A tension clip with the traffic light system
  6. An orthopedic stretching belt

The elements are made of allergen-free materials and can be easily cleaned. You can reorder any part individually.


Phallosan Forte extender is available online – you will pay $339 for the device. The orders are dispatched on the same day. On the official website, you can also find spare parts and choose whatever you need. If you're serious about natural penis enhancement, than you should definately try this product 


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This product is comfortable, it is the most comfortable device that I have ever used


With Phallosan I gained 2 inches, and I think this is great result


I gained 1 inch after 2 months of using Phallosan


I am happy with my results. I have been using Phallosan Forte for 4 months now. I got 1,5 inches in lenght and 1 in girth.

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