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It is not unusual for modern men to think about the length and overall size of their penis. They are often wondering whether the size of their manhood can make their partners satisfied. Several scientific studies have confirmed that three out of four men believe that their penis is smaller than the average size.


Even those who have penises with normal size would want to know how sex would feel if they had a larger penis. The fact is that men have tried enhancing the size of their penises since ancient times. Back then, they were trying different kinds of herbs, and in some cases, they were using special rubbing and massaging techniques with mixed results.


The emergence of modern medicine has brought for more options. Men were using pharmaceutical drugs for this purpose, and some of them have decided to use surgical interventions to enhance the size of the penis. All these methods had both positive and negative results, but the truth is that most of them are slow, painful, expensive and unpleasant.


Luckily, there is a way to avoid all these issues and get the size that you have always dreamed about – penis extenders. One of the best sellers in the world of penis enlargement devices is Male Edge.



How does Male Edge work?



1 month

2 months

+0.3 inches to your penis length

+4% to your penis girth

+ 0.5 inches to your penis length

+8% to your penis girth

6 months

12 months

+ 2 inches to your penis length

+20% to your penis girth

+ 3.5 inches to your penis length

+30% to your penis girth

MaleEdge before and after pictures


If you perform brief research, you will notice that many experts in this field say that Male Edge is the best representative of the second generation of penis extenders. In other words, after the initial success of penile extenders, many manufacturers have decided to create new, more efficient extenders. The creators of MaleEdge have included all the best features from the first model and added new features best on the latest technological breakthroughs.


The easiest way to understand how Male Edge works are to think about penis traction devices used in many clinics. In cases like this, the devices are used for broken bones and spines straightening. It is interesting that in many ancient cultures, people have used painless traction devices to elongate and straighten limbs, necks, lips, and earlobes. This is exactly how Male Edge works. This is a modern and tested traction device that carefully creates tension force on the penis. We can also describe it as a tissue expander.

So, the Male Edge produces very small, microscopic tears in the muscles and tissue. These tears lead to cell division. On the other hand, this division leads to a healing process and strengthening over some period. So, once the small tears are healed, the erection will become firmer, stronger and more powerful. The reason is simple – your penis will become capable of holding an additional amount of blood.

 As previously mentioned, when men decide to buy penis extenders they want to make their penises stronger and bigger. At the same time, they want to avoid pain and potential dangers. That’s why they’ll be glad to hear that the extender is perfectly safe and supported by scientific tests and expert trials.

When you use the device, you can rest assured that your penis won’t chaff and that you won’t feel any pain during and after use. This is one of the rare products that promise long-term results. The device is created in a way that allows men to wear it under their clothes.



What’s so special about the Male Edge device?



What’s so special about the MaleEdge device?


With so many penile extenders in the market, it is quite natural to ask – what makes Male Edge different and special. Those who have tried other devices like this will notice some of the differences right away.


For starters, this penis stretching device looks more attractive, but what is even more important is what’s under the hood. For instance, it is very simple to place the Male Edge extender on the penis. Just put the penis directly to the front part of the device first and after that fit the front part of the rods used for elongation. It will take a few tries to master this movement, but it’s quite easy.


Furthermore, it is very simple to extend the device. Only use clockwise movement to rotate the device and extend the rods to the outer size to the wanted length. This means that you can’t lose or add any other rods.


The device is made in a way that makes it suitable for literally every size of the penis. There is a piece that allows users to adjust the device for penises above or below five inches and that’s it.


Another thing that makes this penis extender unique is the amount of pressure this extender creates. Users have full control over the pressure that is applied to the penis. It let you manage the traction you use. There are three different settings – 1.200, 2.000 and 2.800 grams. Conventional penile extenders come with one option – a pressure that equals 1.500 grams.



Male Edge penis extender results



First and foremost, this is a device made of high-quality materials by a manufacturer that has a strong reputation in this field. This is very important because many scammers are trying to take advantage of the popularity of these devices.


The positive sides of using MaleEdge penis extender


Next, the extender is easy to apply and extend because it has no rods. On top of that, users can apply different pressures (three different modes). Although some people may say that appearance doesn’t matter, we can all agree that using a device with a beautiful design like MaleEdge makes the entire process more comfortable. Finally, the penis extender comes with double money back guarantee which means that the manufacturer of this product is convinced that the extender works.



MaleEdge Side Effects



There is one negative side related to the use of this device – the costly spare parts, but the good news is that the Male Edge device is stable and secure.



Final Review



You cannot find such a powerful, lightweight and efficient penis extender on the market especially not at this price. So, if you want to use a penis extender that guarantees a high return on investment, you can count on MaleEdge.


How to buy the device?


It is available on the official manufacturer's website. It's important to buy here because you can get the money back guarantee and the official warranty. Do not forget about official discounts. Click here to buy MaleEdge
$ 149 - MaleEdge Basic
$ 174.99 - MaleEdge Extra
$ 199.99 - MaleEdge Pro
Can be shipped to Ukraine


118 68%


35 20%


21 12%
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I have learned a penis traction method in details; it was scientifically proven, that penis traction works and roduce results. I recommend you to do the same and choose a penis extender like MaleEdge for effective penis enlargement. It's the only device I tried, and I am glad that I own it. It's been three months since I started my penis enlargement routine, I have gained 2 inches and +30% in penis girth without any problems. I'm going to continue my penis enhancement program with MaleEdge. Let me know if you want any details


I have been using this device for 5 months now and I am happy with the results. I have gained 1,5 inches, the girth has also increased.

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