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Jelq Device
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Jake Benson
Detailed review of Jelq Device

Male Reproductive Health, UCSF Urologist, urologic surgeon

Jelq device


The device design is based on an ancient and time-tested technique of “letting your male organ grow naturally” without interfering with the law of nature. This is achieved by the device. By gently irreversibly increasing the elasticity-nature. The cell and tissue growth ensures this process applies to every aorta and muscle tissue of your penis uniformly. The blood circulation in the veins increases with time, and you can witness real positive effects.


As you start using it to exercise your penis muscles, they respond by showing a gradual but sure increase in dimensions, including length and thickness. In the first 3 months, your gain measures 0.55 inches which are quite phenomenal.


Within 3-6 months, you can experience a 0.74 inches increase which makes your penetration and sustenance more enduring and enthralling:


Within 6-12 months period, you have gained 1-inch extra growth. Now your love-making sessions can be compared to the endless orgasmic and simulative sessions explained in the famous “Kama-Sutra.”

1 month

2 months


+0.25 inches to your penis length
+0.3 inches to your penis girth


More libido



+0.54 inch to your penis length
+0.55 inches to your penis girth


Improved sexual stamina


6 months

12 months


+1.13 inches to your penis length
+1 inch to your penis girth


Harder and longer lasting erections



+1.44 inches to your penis length
+1.27 inches to your penis girth


Improved confidence



12+ months make you an expert lover who has mastered nearly all the techniques of pleasuring your partner, in any position she prefers. This is made possible by the healthy muscles and steel like nerves you have developed in your male-organ. The extra flexibility is also brought into your organ, which means you can:


  1. Prolong your ejaculations with extra cum-load. This is a result of enhanced sperm production and natural phenomenon of testosterone multiplication.
  2. Touch her deep down multiple times during a single session. This naturally enhances your enduring capacity and matches it with the multiple-orgasmic nature of your beloved.
  3. Uniform pumping of the device aimed at every nerve and muscle tissue. Your penis no longer looks flat and shrunk even when it is in the flaccid-state. The nerves are naturally strengthened and made flexible. All you need is a little foreplay session, and you are ready to fire the next round within a couple of minutes after the initial copulation and ejaculation.


You are now the master and chief controller of your love-game. You are also able to adjust your penetration, performance and peaking levels in concerto with the rising and falling body-strokes of your reciprocating partner in a better way than ever before.



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It not only did increase my penis, but also improved me overall sexual life. Thanks, Jelq Device


It is the best penis enlargement tool I've ever tried!I gained a lot in girth


It is the best penis enlargement tool I've ever tried!I gained a lot in girth

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