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VigRX Plus
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Money back: 90 days
Success rate: 94 %
First results: 14 days
Max results: 180 days
Approved by: Dr. Jerry LeBlanc, Ed.D.
Expert rating: 10/10
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Dr. Jerry LeBlanc, Ed.D.
Detailed review of XtraSize

MSW, DHS, Ph.D. Sexologist, American College of Sexologists



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Though most women say that the penis size does not matter, and most of them are completely satisfied in bed, more and more men think about penis enlargement. A larger and fuller penis ensures higher self-esteem and self-confidence, reaches secret areas in her vagina and brings more pleasure.


The insufficient size of the manhood is a frequent cause of depression, nervous breakdowns, disorders in the intimate life, and even suicidal attempts. Recent medical developments regarding this sensitive issue hold out hope for men who suffer from the small size of their main genital organ. The male enhancement industry offers different products that promise to increase your manhood, but a few of them work.


XtraSize is an effective and safe new-generation remedy that will quickly and painlessly add the lacking centimeters. Also, the product has a beneficial effect on male libido and erection. Let’s see what can XtraSize do.



XtraSize Review



1 month

2 months

+1 inch to your penis length +5% to your penis girth

Stronger erections, increased sex drive, easier sexual arousal
+ 1.5 inches to your penis length +10% to your penis girth

Extended love-making. Improved sexual stamina

6 months

12 months

+ 2.5 inches to your penis length +25% to your penis girth

Improved erectile function, longer lasting erections, increased self-confidence
+ 3 inches to your penis length +30% to your penis girth

More intense pleasure, no sexual problems


XtraSize stimulates that more blood flows to the penis, expands penile tissues and fills the Corpora Cavernosa with blood, making your erections harder and longer. Just take one pill every morning, and you will notice that you can last longer in a few weeks. You should continue the treatment gradually enlarging your manhood.


In a month, you will gain 1 additional inch, and 3 inches in 6 months of taking XtraSize.

The pills contain natural ingredients that are completely safe and cause no harm to your health. The results gained are promised to be permanent.



XtraSize: Advantages



Although the remedy appeared on the market a few years ago, it's already managed to earn the trust of men. These pills have nothing but natural ingredients in their composition, so they are not harmful to the male body.


 Below are the main advantages of the remedy:


    • The opportunity to make the penis 3-5 cm longer without surgery;

    • Normalization of testosterone production;

    • Men suffering from weak erections will forget about the issue for a long time;

    • Enhanced sensations during intercourse;

    • Each culmination of intimacy is enchanting and magical;

    • The toning up of the pelvic muscles enables the man to control his ejaculations fully.


The last advantage on this list is particularly beneficial to those men who have long been suffering from premature ejaculation issues. Although these male problems are widespread, bringing them up is viewed as improper.



XtraSize Formula



XtraSize Formula

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The formula is developed by the American team of professional doctors, scientists, and nutritionists. The XtraSize remedy consists of natural ingredients, the effect of which is aimed at the penis tissues and blood flow in the pelvic area. By enhancing the blood supply to the penis, the product provides for an increase in both length and girth of the genital organ. The remedy also facilitates an ideal balance of the male hormones and optimizes the synthesis of nitric oxide in the cavernous bodies of the penis. 


#1 VigRX Plus
662 votes
98% success rate
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  Each capsule is a blend of:


    • Tribulus Terrestris is deemed as a powerful aphrodisiac that boosts potency and increases sexual drive. Besides, the herb significantly promotes testosterone production and supports the release of nitric oxide enhancing erectile function in men.

  • Ginkgo Biloba enhances blood flow in the penile tissues.

  • The Ginseng root boosts the man's sexual energy and libido.

  • Maca. The herb that is native to the pure nature of the Andes Mountains regulates enzymes and hormones in the body. As an aphrodisiac, it boosts energy, promotes sexual desire and increases sperm count and quality enhancing fertility.

    • Saw Palmetto is widely known to strengthen the thyroid gland, normalize metabolism and stimulate the appetite. But its greatest effect is that Saw Palmetto promotes prostate health treating benign prostatic hyperplasia and reducing prostate enlargement. It incites penis enlargement in both length and girth.

    • Yohimbine is the bark of an exotic tree, which plays a crucial role in the treatment of erectile dysfunctions of any kind.

    • L-Arginine. This amino acid works to increase nitric oxide production dilating blood vessels in the genital organ and improving erections. It contributes to better blood circulation and hormonal balance.



Pumpkin Seeds, Sarsaparilla, Stinging Nettle, and Licorice Root are the herbs that complete the enhancement formula improving sex life and ensuring high pleasure. The combination of all these components creates an optimal remedy capable of solving the problem of small penis size quickly and effectively. Also, the product acts as an excellent prophylactic of prostate diseases.



Does XtraSize Work?




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Such remedies as XtraSize affect the biomechanical processes in the male body in a delicate manner. As a result, the penis grows in size without surgery or any other painful procedures.


The active components of the tablets trigger natural processes in the body, stirring up the blood circulation, enhancing the elasticity of the cavernous tissues, and normalizing the production of male hormones.

The tablets produce a localized effect and do not affect any other organs. Therefore, the remedy is recommended for those who previously feared taking pills because of an extensive list of contraindications. If you decide to buy XtraSize, your small penis problem will get solved quickly and painlessly.



XtraSize Results



After you take XtraSize for the first time, the influx of blood will result in a visually noticeable penis enlargement regarding both volume and length. Nitric oxide incites the buildup of muscle mass in the cavernous tissues of the penis. The man will notice a severalfold enhancement of his intimate strength. If previously the intercourse lasted only a minute or two, the remedy makes it possible for the act of love to last as long as the man desires.


For a more stable result, you need to take the tablets for three months. You will notice intermediate results during the first month of treatment: the penis becomes larger for some time but then returns to the former size. To consolidate the results, take the pills three times a week every other day. You can additionally apply relevant creams and gels. Using a vacuum pump or extender is welcome, but not required. For some men, such procedures entail a lot of pain.



Warranty and Delivery



How Long Until I Obtain Results?

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As of today, sexual dysfunctions and disorders are a prevalent type of health issues. The dynamic rhythm of modern life, the deteriorating environmental situation, and the ubiquitous harmful radiation affect men's health adversely. Many of the sterner sex suffer from both insufficient penis size and low quality of erections. Remedies designed to solve such problems are in high demand nowadays. Unfortunately, this results in a large number of fake and placebo products on the market.


Questionable websites, uncertified products, shady sellers – any of these signs should alert the buyer. At best, the fake tablets will consist of chalk. In the worst-case scenario, the non-authentic pills may contain harmful or dangerous ingredients.


Don't fall for suspiciously low prices. Refrain from buying fake products knowingly. Opt for original remedies, which you can purchase on official websites, with all the quality certificates available. The official distributors will promptly answer all your questions and arrange fast delivery of the product to any geographical region.






If you suffer from the small penis problem but refuse to go under the surgeon's knife and are hesitant about using vacuum pumps and extenders, the XtraSize tablets are the solution you've been looking for. This remedy had a fast and pronounced favorable effect, without any harsh impact on the male body. Unlike other products that consist of synthetic chemical ingredients, XtraSize is safe for your health. Take the tablets regularity, be patient, and observe the happy transformations of your manhood. 


XtraSize is available online. One bottle contains 60 pills, enough for 2 months of treatment and costs $69. But the company offers discounts on larger orders (2 bottles for $119, and 3 bottles for $149) and a 90-days money-back guarantee. Click here to order XtraSize
$ 79 - 1 bottle
$ 129 - 2 bottles
$ 159 - 3 bottles
Can be shipped to Ukraine


90 59%


40 26%


21 14%
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I have always dreamt of a big penis. I even was thinking about penis enlargement surgery. But hopefully I found XtraSize. It helped me increase my penis. I'm happy!


With XtraSize, I eventually have the normal size of the penis. Thanks


It's the best product for penis enlargement!


I gained 1.5 inches with XtraSize, I think this is good result


I gained approx 1 inch after 1,5 months of taking this product. Now I am going to but more


I had a small penis and it was very frustrating for me. This supplement helped me to gain extra inches. There are no side effects.

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