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Success rate: 98 %
First results: 30 days
Max results: 180 days
Approved by: Dr. Jerry LeBlanc, Ed.D.
Expert rating: 10/10
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A quick note from Dr. Kenneth Boyd, MD Vig Rx Plus is the pill I recommend to all of my patients, who want to make their penis to look bigger and firmer Nephrology and Hypertension
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc, Ed.D.
Detailed review of VigRX Plus

MSW, DHS, Ph.D. Sexologist, American College of Sexologists

VigRX Plus is Rated #1 male enhancement pill for Years




Pills for penis enlargement exist, and today their effectiveness has been clinically proven by published reports. But to date, certification and clinical studies have only been confirmed regarding the VigRX Plus formula.

This statement is the first thing you should know about penis enlargement pills – that the market is pretty flooded with varieties and they promote with such an array of slogans that it is tough to get to the truth.


You can enlarge the penis by using pills, but there are essential circumstances that you will only learn about from reading this article.


The problem: A small penis creates many problems in a man's sex life, and he will be continually ashamed of that fact and feel insecure.


 There are multiple ways to enlarge your penis:


    • Surgery,
    • Penis extender,
    • Exercises for penis enlargement,
    • Pumps,
    • Pills.


Which method works? All the above techniques work, but every man makes an individual choice, depending on how much he is willing to spend in money, time, and effort on the process of penis enlargement.


For whom is this article intended? For those men who want to make their penis bigger without abusing their genitals. This article combines all the medical facts about how to make your penis longer, wider and more potent without surgery.


This article is for those who want not only to increase their penis but also to strengthen the erection, the duration of sex, and enhance their sexual energy.


1 month

2 months

+0.3 inches to your penis length +4% to your penis girth

Increased sex drive and sexual energy
+ 0.6 inches to your penis length +8% to your penis girth 

Harder and bigger erections

6 months

12 months

+ 1.7 inches to your penis length +24% to your penis girth

Less waiting period between erections, firmer and stronger penis
+ 3.2 inches to your penis length +30% to your penis girth 

More powerful, intense orgasms


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Why do you need a big penis with an inferior erection?


Why do you need a bigger penis, which remains soft for too long after an orgasm?


Why do you need a longer penis, when your erection weakens right during sex?


Exercises for the penis and taking supplements lead to an increase in the male reproductive organ.


Penis enlargement is not only a process of tissue growth and cell division. When you work out in a gym, you not only build up muscles, you become stronger and healthier. Taking VigRX Plus herbal penis pills helps to develop your sexual energy and increase the flow of blood into the penis, causing it to grow and become stronger. That is a kind of fitness for the penis.


You cannot just build muscles from the gym – you need to use sports nutrition to succeed quickly and effectively. Everything is the same with your penis. You cannot just do the exercises (stretching and pumping the penis) and wait for it to grow. You need to stimulate this process with biologically active food additives.


The primary task for those who read this material: increase their penis with the least expenditure of effort and time, and without a risk to your sexual health.



VigRx Plus Results (before and after) 


VigRX Plus work
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You can take Viagra and achieve an instant erection, and you can take anabolics and pump muscle for a month. But these actions can be detrimental to your health. We will only talk about natural ways to enlarge the penis. We will use what is inherent in us by nature. Natural penis enhancement supplements stimulate male sexual activity, and this is a feature of VigRX Plus.


 The most popular and effective strategies to increase your penis today:


    • Taking VigRX Plus pills, one day at a time.

    • Using a Bathmate pump to enlarge the penis (15 minutes per day) or using simple techniques for penis enlargement jelqing (5 minutes a day).

    • Using penis extenders, such as Quick Extender Pro.



Does VigRx Plus really work? [REVIEW]



    • Natural penis pills, such as VigRX Plus, primarily enhance your erection and blood flow – i.e. they guarantee you getting rid of erectile dysfunction and have the possibility to enlarge the penis by 1-3 inches if you also use additional mechanical ways to stretch the penis tissue. This works well with the Bathmate hydro pump, which you use in the shower for just 15 minutes. Or you can stretch the penis with exercises that you can find on the forums or sign up for a special program like ErectionFitness, where instructions are given by physicians.

    • Without penis enlarging tablets, which include extracts and herbs to stimulate the sexual activity of men, it is difficult and slow to get results in penis enlargement.

    • Before buying any male enlargement pills, you need to look at the medical recommendations and official reports on their laboratory testing. If there is no such information on the site – avoid such sellers.

    • You should not waste your time as traditional medicine does not directly approve of the possibility of penis enlargement with the help of food supplements. This is an indirect conclusion, supported only by unconventional medicine. Any medical facts also only indirectly prove the effectiveness of pills.

    • The longer you take VigRX Plus, the more stable and stronger the effect you get.

    • The first results from taking the penis pills are visible after 2 weeks, and the maximum results after 12 months.

    • If you only take VigRX Plus, you will have a harder erection, sexual stamina, and penis enlargement result can still be achieved, but it will take more time and the effects are not guaranteed.


VigRx Plus pills results after 1 month



VigRX Plus Results


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Many men who want to enlarge their penis with VigRX Plus the very next day after taking the pill are advised to measure the penis actively. You should know that your erection in a really short time can give the effect of a more massive penis because you will have more powerful blood flow to the penis, due to which the penis tissues usually stretch.

But for this process to be active and fast, it needs to be stimulated with penis pumping or penis stretching. That is the only way to achieve a positive result in the permanent enlargement of the penis.


What questions about VigRX Plus pills do you now want to know?


 Let's list them and give some quick answers:


    • How does the VigRx Plus work? The tablets are patented, and the formula cannot be duplicated. It contains active substances that stimulate blood flow to the penis, which causes tissue growth and cell division at the micro level.

    • How long should I take the VigRx Plus? The effect of strengthening the erection can be seen already two weeks after starting the course. Guaranteed penis enlargement occurs if you additionally help the penis tissues stretch by using the Bathmate Hydromax, JELQING exercises or penis stretching with a device such as the Quick Extender Pro. Without VigRX Plus, there is no result in the erection, which means pumping, stretching, and JELQING will be ineffective. The formula for success is the combination of these methods of penis enlargement.

    • Can penis extenders be used as an additional method of penis enlargement? If you are prepared to wear an extender on the penis for 6-8 hours a day - then yes, it is also possible. The best product here is Quick Extender Pro.

    • What if the pills won’t work? If you think that the pills do not work, you can always return them to the seller. But such returns are less than 1%, according to the sales statistics of VigRX Plus.

    • Are there any side effects? There cannot be any harm. The formula is based on natural extracts, manufactured in the USA, and the FDA has approved all ingredients.

    • Does VigRx Plus give permanent results? If you take the pills for at least three months, then this definitely and permanently strengthens the erection. But it is desirable to use the tablets for at least six months.

    • What is the price and how to order the pills online? Pills are the most popular method and in high demand. Therefore, the price for them is appropriate. It's about your sexual health and natural penis enlargement with a guarantee! It's worth your investment.

    • Any more questions? In fact, to get exhaustive information on all your questions regarding VigRX Plus, you do not need to read review sites. Instead, just go to the VigRX Plus website, which has official and detailed information about why these pills are considered the best in the world, and there are no comparable alternatives. Each claim on this site is clinically justified and documented.

Official Site 

So what about the actual penis enlargement? How and in what time frame will this happen? What about the side effects?


VigRX Plus ingredients


 If you have mastered the enlargement strategy of your penis, the results could be as follows:


    • 1st month: use of penis pumping and VigRX Plus give 0.2-0.4 inches in length and 0.1-0.2 inches in width.

    • 2nd month: 0.3-0.6 inches in length and diameter.


This formula applies to the successful application of penis pumping, jelqing, and VigRX Plus.


VigRx Plus Customer Reviews

Thousands of messages confirm this formula on penis enlargement forums, and it is a symbiosis of the effectiveness of the techniques of penis pumping and nutrition. Carefully read how the Bathmate works here, how the Quick Extender Pro works here, and how VigRx Plus tablets work here. And all you have to do is combine these two successful formulas into a single penis enlargement strategy that will help make your penis longer by 1 -4 inches in length and bigger by 1.5-2 inches in width.


But what about the story of what tablets are made of, how they can be compared? Where is it better to buy them, are they sold in pharmacies, and where else can I search for evidence?


You should know that VigRx Plus can and should be bought only on the official website. Separate yourself from thousands of proposals you do not need and follow the most effective strategies for penis enlargement.


Where to buy VigRx Plus online?


The VigRX Plus product has more than 12 years’ history, and the number of customers has exceeded 1,000,000. You can trust VigRX Plus by visiting the company's website at and buying it safely. The advised kit for your first purchase is a 6-month package.



$ 76.99 - 1 bottle
$ 143.99 - 2 bottles
$ 205.99 - 3 bottles
$ 267.99 - 4 bottles
$ 329.99 - 5 bottles
$ 384.99 - 6 bottles
$ 489.99 - 12 bottles
Special offer
Buy officially and save up to $589 on the 12 months supply + get free bonuses Click here
Can be shipped to Ukraine


594 90%


44 7%


24 4%
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I see very positive movements in my penis size and erections. It's something really noticable. It's been 2 months since i started to take Vig Rx Plus pills and my penis size has increased by 1 inch already. I will continue to take these pills and i'll share my results soon


This product really made my erection size larger. Thanks Vig-Rx plus


I've been taking these pill for 6 months and I gained 2 inches in size, so I recommend this product


I gained 1 inch after 1,5 months


With VigRx Plus my erections are stronger and on demand, I have better orgasms and my girlfriend is amazed


I bought Vig rx plus because this product is the most popular on penis enlargement forums. I've had problems with the size of my penis. It was small and thick and I've lost my wife because I could not satisfy her. Now I'm bigger, but I've spent 6 months on my penis enlargement routine: 1. Daily exercises 2. Nutrition 3. Helathy diet When I started to take Vig Rx i saw the real growth of my penis, you need to use this pill if you want to see huge results


I have chosen Vigrx plus as my only penis enlargement method. It was just an experiment for me, as I did not want to stretch my penis by hand or by the device. After four months of taking the pills daily, I notice 0,5 inches growth. I added jelking techniques to my routine, and I'm 1.5 inches bigger right now after 6 months since I started. I'm not going to stop and adding Phallosan extender to my program. I'm so exited and I see the return of my investment )


Real penis enlargement, no jokes now. I have started to take Vig rx plus 7 months ago to increase my penis size and improve erection. Well, I think my additional 2 inches are worth of my efforts. Thanks vig rx. p.s. I've had no side effects with this pill, never


What I can say - this pill works for penis enlargement. This is my primary goal. I am not satisfied with my erection hardness, I am not happy about my premature ejaculation, but what's emberassing is the size of my penis. Vigrx is not the permanent solution, and I'm OK with this. I think that erected penis size is important for my self-esteem. It's bigger now - 2 inches or more, I did not measure. I have spent a few hundreds of dollars to buy three bottles of vigrx with the discount, and I think it was an great investment in my sexual life


Vigrx is the only male enhancement supplement, that increases the erection on a permanent basis even after the short period of taking. I've been using VigRx for 3 months and my erections are stable even without taking pills


I saw a difference on the seconds week of taking VigRX Plus. My erections became bigger and stronger than ever before!


I have enlarged my penis by 2 inches using jelqing exercises and Vigrxplus in 4+ months. I knew that it's not effective to only jelq the penis, so when I started to take Vigrx pills my results have significantly improved. Moreover, my erections became much harder and stronger

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