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Titan Gel
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A quick note from Dr. Kenneth Boyd, MD The penis enlargement effect after Titan Gel usage has not been confirmed or approved. ProSolution Gel is my favorite recommendation for topical penis enlargement
Dr. Jerry LeBlanc, Ed.D.
Detailed review of Titan Gel

MSW, DHS, Ph.D. Sexologist, American College of Sexologists




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Titan Gel has been replaced by a ProSolution Gel formula

A person's anatomic features represent their individuality and uniqueness. However, not everyone is ready to accept what nature has given them. Men were especially vulnerable in this regard when the issue is the size of their manhood. Few of those, who have a not-so-large or plain small penis, believe that size does not matter.

This results in tries to rectify the situation somehow; however, the seekers are eventually disappointed in most cases.


Titan Gel was one of the enormous variety of new-fashioned remedies for individual issues, but it's not available in 80% of countries and it's not so effective as Prosolution Gel formula. The involvement of modern technologies in the production process and the unique combination of active components allow achieving significant results with the use of Titan Gel formula.


Nowadays is a period when dubious products prevail: they promise you will obtain the desired effect right away, but in fact, they are mere placebos. On the other hand, Prosolution Gel not only enlarges the penis by a few coveted centimeters and makes the erection more long-lasting, but also improves the orgasm and prolongs the sexual act.

(Prosolution Gel)Titan Gel is all about topical results, but if your goal is a permanent penis enlargement, then you should combine Titan Gel with VigRx Plus and penis pumping using Bathmate Hydromax or penis enlargement device called Quick Extender Pro.




(ProSolution Gel)Titan Gel: Real results



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The product's composition includes nothing but synthetic components, which makes it as safe and efficient as possible. The unique combination of (Prosolution Gel)Titan Gel ingredients promotes the growth of the muscular tissue in the penis. Moreover, the gel positively affects the blood vessels, expanding them.

 This results in the optimal hardness of the penis before sexual intercourse. The main advantages of Prosolution Gel are:


    • The effective formula favorably affects the porous and cavernous bodies of the penis, speeding up and normalizing the blood flow and optimizing the organ's structure.

    • The tissues of the genital organ do not lose shape, stretch, or undergo an unjustified intensive growth; all the processes take place naturally and painlessly.

    • The pronounced anti-inflammatory effect of Prosolution Gel significantly reduces the risk of inflammation and neutralizes the STD risks.

    • The absence of side effects makes the product suitable for any managed 18 years or older.

    • Using the gel regularly, you can achieve a penis enlargement of up to 2 inches, which is hard not to notice. Also, the organ expands in volume by as much as 50%.

    • Men using Prosolution Gel become confident in their capabilities, have quality and long-lasting erections, as well as vigorous orgasms.

    • A significant prolongation of sexual intercourse is observed.

    • You can use successfully use Prosolution Gel with other penis enlargement products like VigRx Plus to make your penis growth permanent.


Not only the user of the gel himself but also his sexual partner will surely notice the changes for the better.

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ProSolution Gel(Titan Gel): A Unique Formula


A few centuries ago, the indigenous population of South America (specifically, its male half) discovered the benefits of a natural substance obtained from Guatemalan frogs. The unique secretion extracted from the glands of this amphibian allowed the aborigines to enlarge their manhood to an incredible size.


 The Prosolution Gel(Titan Gel) product contains the following active components:



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Among the inactive ingredients, noteworthy are Algae Extract and Mango Butter. The latter substance is a well-known “building material” for any human organs and tissues.

Altogether, these elements create the unique, highly effective formula of the product. Another important ingredient you can find in the supplements called VigRx Plus, which help to make your results permanent.


The intimate sphere issues inevitably affect all areas of a man's life. He no longer feels confident in bed and acquires a lot of insecurities and phobias. What kind of success can such a man achieve? Prosolution Gel(Titan Gel) is a perfect salvation for desperate members of the stronger sex.


 You should buy the gel if you:


  • are dissatisfied with the size of your manhood;

  • experience an emotional imbalance caused by the sexual issues;

  • have the unstable and rather weak erection;

  • suffer from short-term sexual intercourse;

  • suffer from other erectile dysfunctions.

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The use of Prosolution Gel(Titan Gel) enlarges the man's penis, enhances his sexual sensations, gives him vigorous and enchanting orgasms. The regular application of the gel results in noticeable visual changes. There is luster in the man's eyes; he acquires sexuality and charm; the glans penis increases in volume; the organ itself becomes larger.


You should not worry that the product might affect your body negatively in some way. The gel consists of natural substances that neither have side effects nor pose a health hazard. This product is worth buying for everyone, who wants to improve the quality and saturation of his life, to improve his sexual health and emotional background.


ProSolution Gel Results


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You should not expect that right after the first application of the Titan gel you will have to rush to the drugstore and buy XXL condoms. When someone promises such rapid results, they are frankly disingenuous. However, if you apply the Prosolution Gel(Titan Gel) regularly and by the instructions, the result will indeed be stunning.


Numerous clinical studies have shown that Prosolution Gel makes it possible to achieve a penis enlargement of up to 2 inches! This is a rather high result achieved without agreeing to a surgery and risking your health. All you have to do to have such a result is to apply the gel daily and behold the changes.


The product's effectiveness schedule:


  1. 7-12 days: the glans penis becomes more sensitive; the organ “grows” by 10-20 mm.

  2. 21 days: you notice that the sexual intercourse lasts longer.

  3. One month or longer: the product neutralizes erectile dysfunction and increases the genital organ by 40-50 mm.


In any case, a man using Prosolution Gel effectively improves the health of his entire reproductive system.


How to use ProSolution Gel


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Follow these simple rules to receive the maximum effect from the Prosolution Gel:


  1. Use the Prosolution Gel only to a clean and dry penis in a thin, even layer.

  2. Carefully distribute the product across the entire surface of the penis, gently rubbing the gel in and moving your hand progressively.

  3. Keep rubbing the product in for at least 10 minutes, so that the gel is fully absorbed into the epithelium.


Worth noting, Prosolution Gel neither leaves traces on clothes nor has an aggressive odor. You should apply the product half an hour before the anticipated time of sexual intercourse.

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How to Avoid Fake Products like Titan Gel?


Do not entrust your health to the very first questionable Titan Gel seller you find available. The market for such products is full of scams that attract unsophisticated users with meager prices and bright promises. But how to shield yourself from fake goods and avoid delivering irreparable damage to your body?


The answer is, you should purchase Prosolution Gel only from authorized distributors. They will provide you with full information about the product without hiding any important aspects and demonstrate all the necessary certificates of conformity. With official distributors, you will not have to worry about the delivery.


Official websites are very concerned about their reputation and good image; they are interested in positive feedback. This means that the day you place your order the products are shipped to a leading transport company.


ProSolution Gel's(Titan Gel's) Advantages


Many common remedies for the intimate sphere issues include a range of synthetic components that are potentially dangerous to the human body. Consider yourself lucky if the manufacturer lists the contraindications, thus preventing the sad consequences of the product's application.

Most often, though, the uncontrolled use of such remedies leads to serious health problems in men.


The main advantages of Prosolution Gel are:


  • It is not addictive, so you can apply it whenever necessary;

  • The result is stable and lasting;

  • The product neither contains dangerous chemical compounds nor has side effects;

  • The gel acts complexly: enlarges the organ, restores sexual activity, ensures a quality erection.


You should know that after you stop applying the gel, the achieved result remains with you for life. Experts recommend using the remedy periodically – in courses – to solidify the obtained effect. Do not lose heart and utter signs of disappointment if nature was not very generous to you. You can quickly correct this shortcoming with the help of the innovative Prosolution Gel! Discover a new life, a life without fears and insecurities!


How to order ProSolution Gel online?


You can order Prosolution Gel directly from the official site. The Gel can be shipped to any country of the World
$ 49.95 - 1 tube
$ 89.95 - 1 tubes
$ 129.95 - 1 tubes
$ 165.95 - 1 tubes
Can be shipped to Ukraine


118 68%


23 13%


25 14%
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This is the best erection vream I have tried. I did not know it's so effective for penis growth as well, so I'm a bit confused. My erected penis size is 1 inch bigger after 3 monthsof using this cream. I'm suffering from erectile dysfunction and this gel is the only product I use to get fast and long lasting erections.


I use Titan gel for jelqing purposes. I don't know if it's because of titan gel, but my penis is growing day by day for the last 4 months. You need to spend 49 eur to use it, that's all. It is available for online order is cetrain countries. So this product is not for all


There is a small instruction on how to use titan gel, it's pretty simple and you do not have to learn jelqing techniques to get results. In fact, I apply this cream on my penis daily and massage it a bit, to stay erected for hours, really. It's true about some penis enlargement results, my erected penis is really bigger

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