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XtraSize is a natural supplement that can make your penis longer and thicker. And it is just the beginning as the increased manhood allows you to experience higher satisfaction.

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Vig Rx Plus is a premium male enhancement and penis enlargement formula. There is no other supplement on the market: great reputation, clinical results published, doctor approved formula, risk-free, highest quality ingredients. Read our review

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ProEnhance Patch is a new product for fast and natural penis enlargement without taking pills

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Pro Solution Pills are the natural ways of pushing your size, length and the performance capability beyond your own wildest imaginations. This is the oldest penis enlargement formula on the market and we recommend you to learn this review, that we have made after 10 years of testing Prosolution Pills

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Vimax pills 2015 are the all-inclusive and multipurpose supplements which can be used for enhancing your erectile-function, mutual-satisfaction during the copulation, the drive & desire and endurance during a performance.

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ExtenZe is a tested herbal based product to solve your sexual issues. It is very efficient thanks to its potent formula that will strengthen your erections and give you the ability to maintain them for as long as you want.

Enhance XL Brief information
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​Enhance XL was initially designed as a muscle building supplement, but porn stars found other benefits using it to increase the blood flow to their genitalia.

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Xtend RX is a natural supplement for men designed to increase their manhood up to one inch in girth and 4 inches in length – the results seem to be impressive.

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If you want maximum pleasure, penetration, pause-less peaking and performance, Maxirex is the one product for you. Most of the brands in the market focus on sexual encounters from a single perspective and forget the critical reflecting factors.

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OverSize is a male enhancement formula that claims to enlarge your penis in length and width and improve men’s sexual performance.


How Sizeanswers helps to choose penis enlargement pills?

SizeAnswers is a male enhancement website that helps to compare products fast and easy. You want to get the most recent and valuable information regarding pills and devices that work, and we help you to purchase the best solution for yourself. How is it possible:

- you can view the customers' rating of every product(pill, cream, device)
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- you can buy pills online from the official website of every manufacturer

If you're looking for the best penis growth pill, you should be aware of the fact, that most penis supplements have the same formula but different names. Natural penis enhancement is possible because of the structure of the penis tissues, that can be increased. The results will be permanent if even if you're not going to take tablets once the results are reached. We have reviewed more than 200 different pills to, and you can see the rating of the most popular and efficient ones on this site. Male enhancement is an another bonus you get along with:

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What is the top rated penis enlargement pills in 2017? Our answer is Vig Rx Plus. This formula has been approved by medical experts, and you can view some published reports about the effectiveness of Vig Rx Plus.

The primary purpose of this website is to give you professional advice on how to choose such products online. These days most of the penis enlargers do not offer permanents results. Most of you guys are searching for reviews, advice, recommendation on how to make your penis bigger on a genetic basis with permanent results.

First of all, we have to answer your general question: “Do penis pills work?”

To answer this common question correctly, we have to understand the nature of the formula. It consists from different herbal blends that stimulate the growth of penis tissues. These ingredients are so famous these days, but, anyway, you have to check every herb carefully in the parts list to learn more about its effect.
To choose the best product, you need to look for the top rated tablet everybody talk about. Do not buy any supplement without social buzz around it. Talk with men, who already tried the pill, tested it and shared a testimonial.

Ask doctors about the formula you want to buy. Yes, there are no medical proofs of the effectiveness of such products, but it does not mean you can’t enlarge your penis by 1-4 inches without surgery or penis stretching.

I’m sure you’re looking for the pill that works; that’s why you need to buy pills with a money back guarantee.

You can find thousands of product reviews online, but this type of content cannot be the only source of the information. You can increase your erection hardness, stop premature ejaculation and improve the blood flow to the penis by using supplements like Vig Rx Plus, Prosolution Pills, Natural Gain Plus

Use our rating system to track the latest reviews, voting and experts opinion about the pill you want to buy. Fast comparison, detailed facts, official information - you have to research the product before you buy it. If your penis is too small now, you can use Fleshlight toy to have a real sex with fleshlight girls. This review will help you

Do penis pills really work?

To answer this question we have to read various male enhancement forums. Thousands of men share their opinions regarding enlargement methods and products. We can summarize this information and clearly say:

1. Nutrition is an important part of the successful penis enlargement strategy
2. Herbal supplements for male improvement increase erection and help your penis to grow
3. To speed up penis enhancement results you can use penis enlargement pump like Bathmate Hydromax or penis extender called Quick Extender Pro. Penis stretching helps to make your penis bigger by 1-4 inches in a permanent basis, but without supplements these results are not visible.
4. Jelqing and Kegels are recommended exercises to use along with penis stretching device and supplements

What is the best penis enlargement method?

99% of men, who shared their successful penis enlargement used a combination of methods:

  • penis pumping + jelqing + supplements (95% success rate)
  • penis extender + jelqing + supplements (88% success rate)
  • jelqing + penis stretching using penis extender (73% success rate)

As you can see, you have to take herbal supplements like VigRx plus for a maximum effectiveness