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Viastim SE
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Viastim Sex Enhancer


Viastim-Se enhancer does not have an official website, but there are a lot of stores, which sell it and provide a lot of useful information. So let’s plunge into the sea of these facts and see how the pills can improve male sexual life.



Viastim-SE Formula



The essential ingredient of the supplement is Yohimbine – the purified form of the bark of Yohimbe, the African tree. Yohimbine has been used in alternative medicine for ages as a stimulant, an aphrodisiac, and an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction. It increases blood flow and nerve impulse to the penis enhancing your erections.


However, the FDA does not recommend using this ingredient as its high doses may cause anxiety and interact with other medicines. It may lead to adverse reactions in people who suffer from high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes or others.




The Viastim-Se Enhancer formula also contains:


    • Horny Goat Weed that is an aphrodisiac with icariin relaxing the nervous system boosting blood circulation and improving erections;

    • Cnidium Monnier that is a Chinese plant used to treat erectile dysfunction, increase sexual desire and drive, and improve sexual performance;

    • L-Arginine that is an amino acid promoting the production of nitric oxide in the body, boosting blood flow to the genitalia and enhancing erections;

    • Muira Puama that is a natural alternative to Viagra used as an energy stimulant, a libido booster, and a remedy for impotence;

    • Passion Flower that reduces stress and fatigue and relaxes the body;

    • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa that is a kind of lichen that helps treat sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction, and increase sexual desire.



Viastim-SE in Action



If you want to achieve an effective result in a few weeks, you are recommended taking two capsules every day. This will help you improve your blood circulation and make erections harder and firmer.



Places to Buy Viastim-SE



#1 VigRX Oil
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There is no official website, but Viastim-Se sex enhancer is available from online retailers, including E-Bay and Amazon. The price per bottle (60 capsules and a one-month supply) varies from $14 to 19. So, you may choose the place and price, which you consider appropriate.



Bottom Line



Viastim-Se contains natural ingredients that are usually added to male enhancement supplements and show high effects. Besides, its price is quite acceptable.


However, Yohimbine raises a concern as it may cause side-effects and, in some cases, adverse reactions. There are no customers’ reviews, so we do not know whether the supplement is effective.


If you still decide to buy Viastim-Se, you should keep cautious with its essential ingredient and visit your health care provider for professional advice.

$ 14 - 1 bottle
Can be shipped to Ukraine


20 40%


20 40%


10 20%
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It is effective supplement. It does what it claims. You should try it


It improved my erection hardness and endurance. Good result for such low price

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