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Detailed review of Biosis

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As men and women have different sexual systems and functions, it is quite difficult to find an enhancement product that can help improve both male and female health. Nevertheless, we have found the supplement.


Biosis is a cream claiming to increase sexual potency and libido in both men and women. And it is in spite of different reactions of the systems to stimulation. Let’s have a closer look at the product and decide whether it works.



Biosis Formula



Biosis contains ingredients that work to increase libido, stimulate testosterone production and relieve stress and fatigue:


    • Muira Puama is widely known as the Viagra of the Amazon helping men combat erectile dysfunction and impotence. It works as a general energy tonic stimulating the nervous system and increases the blood flow to the genitalia improving erections.

    • Damiana leaves have been used to boost libido, increase sexual potency and drive since the times of Mayan Indians. It alleviates nerves, reduces stress and fatigue and helps your body relax.

    • Ginkgo Biloba is widely known for its soothing effects. It relieves nerves and stress, combats depressions and improves mood. Besides, in elder people, Ginkgo Biloba helps enhance memory and long-distance vision.

    • Tribulus Terestris is used to address erectile dysfunction in men and increase libido in both men and women. Tribulus Terestris can improve testosterone production, treat cardiovascular conditions and promote high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


Biosis also contains Avena Sativa Extract, Glycerine, Glycerol Monolaurate, Glyceryl Stearate/PEG 100, Safflower Oil, DHEA, Phospholipids, Aloe Vera Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin B12, Citrus Seed Extract, and Dewberry Mango – the ingredient that makes the formula available for both men and women.



Biosis Advantages



#1 VigRX Oil
304 votes
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Biosis producers do understand that stress is one of the factors leading to sexual dysfunction. Therefore, they have included, among others, natural herbs that could combat it.


You should apply Biosis to your body daily for at least three weeks to gain the heights.


If you use it as a male enhancement product, you should meet specific instructions when applying:


    • Men under 40 are suggested to apply 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. To soft skin, including the neck, chest, abdomen, and inner arms.

    • Men over 40 are suggested to apply1/2 tsp. To chest, abdomen, inner arms, and thighs.


The cream can easily penetrate the skin and start acting immediately. So, it won’t take a lot of time to show the effects.



Biosis Disadvantages



There is little information about the cream on the official website. It contains only ingredient list and instructions – you can’t purchase Biosis through it. The product is also not available on any other website. We have failed to get any prices, guarantee or return policy.


We can’t find any clinical trials that should be an integral part of any supplement or health product and prove its positive effects.


And no consumer reviews are available – this means that Biosis is difficult to purchase or brings no results. We can’t say whether other users could get the cream and what they think about.



Bottom Line



Nowadays, the industry offers a great variety of enhancement supplements formulated exclusively for men and boosting their libido, sexual function, and performance. You should seek for a product that has undergone clinical or laboratory tests and have customers’ reviews. We wouldn’t recommend purchasing Biosis unless you make sure that it is the only cream that can help you.


$ 36.3 - 1 bottle
Can be shipped to Ukraine


25 56%


15 33%


5 11%
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It's very interesting that it helps both men and women but it's pity that there is no information available about it


I tried thos product and it increased my sex drive and my erections became harder


It is not bad product, but I think that pills are more effective

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