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How to Enhance Sperm Count Using Semenax or Volume pills

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Potency issues usually include a whole range of dysfunctions: not only weak erections but also minimal sperm production, a drop in libido, and poor sensations during intimacy. Men tend to ignore these problems, trying to deal with all the sorrows on their own. But you shouldn't let things run their course unattended! You need to take actions immediately!

As of today, there are numerous safe remedies designed to restore the man's youthful sexual vigor and boost sperm production. Read more about spermatogenesis here - theturekclinic.



Semenax Review



 The remedy consists of the following ingredients:


    • The pollen of Swedish flowers;
    • The bark of Erythroxylum Catuaba;
    • Pumpkin seeds;
    • Epimedium;
    • Ptychopetalum Olacoides;
    • Smilax;
    • Tribulus Terrestris;
    • Hawthorn;
    • Cranberry extract;
    • Avena Sativa.


Such a composition is indicative of the remedy's absolute safety for men's health.


 After you start taking Semenax, you will observe the following positive effects:


    • The amount of ejaculate will engross by over 20%; its quality will also improve;

    • Erectile dysfunction will be eliminated;

    • More intense and sensual orgasms;

    • The man's sexual vigor and stamina are enhanced.


You should take the pills twice a day for 1-2 months.



Volume Pills Review



volume pills


 The remedy contains:


    • San Go Mu;
    • Honghua Feng;
    • Hee Lan Rou Gee;
    • Asparagus;
    • Ganoderma Lucidum;
    • The root of Curculigo;
    • Fucus Vesiculosus.


This unique mixture of ingredients is aimed at increasing the amount of semen, improving the blood supply to the penis, expanding the blood vessels, boosting testosterone, dopamine, and endorphin production. Also, the Volume pills remedy enhances potency and strengthens the male body as a whole.



You should take the Volume pills twice a day after a meal for several months. You'll notice the first positive result after just a few days. Many men point out the tablets have made their orgasms more vivid and prolonged.


Similar sperm volume pills distributed by dubious sellers are a direct threat to men's health. Don't press your luck by buying remedies from the first available seller. It's smarter to be extra safe and always order the pills from the manufacturer's official websites.