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Effective Pills to Increase Sperm Volume

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Volume Pills, Semenax, and Spermomax


The quality of sex life depends on the amount of sperm in the process of ejaculation. Therefore, as soon as you begin to notice that the volume of semen has decreased significantly, you should immediately look for safe and effective remedies to improve this parameter.


Let’s consider the top most popular food and sperm volume pills that are popular among consumers.



Compare sperm enhancement pills and food


According to modern men, the most popular biologically active food additives for improving sperm volume are the products of well-known manufacturers: Volume Pills, Semenax, and Spermomax.

The common feature of all the preparations mentioned above is the natural composition, which includes a complex of herbs, amino acids, and extracts of medicinal plants.


The main feature of taking the Volume Pills is that the effect will become noticeable almost instantly. The sufficient impact on the body is observed for 5 hours. To maintain the result for a longer period, you should regularly take the remedy up to 3-4 months.


In addition to the positive effect on sperm, Volume Pills are having a beneficial impact on erection and potency. The sensitivity of the genitals becomes an order of magnitude higher, which contributes to the achievement of an incredibly sensual orgasm. The formula has no contraindications, which is confirmed by clinical studies. Use no more than 4 pills a day, while the recommended dose is 2 pills.


The semen enhancement pill Semenax significantly strengthens the erection and also increases the amount of sperm. The duration of the effect of taking the medicine is preserved for 10 hours.  Men over 65 should take pills with extreme caution. It is strictly forbidden to use by young people under 21 years of age. During long-term use after 5-6 months, the Semenax will eliminate erectile dysfunction. The intake of the remedy is limited by 1 pill a day.



The food supplement Spermomax is no less effective, which will help to increase the amount of sperm during the process of ejaculation. Most consumer reviews indicate that the potency rises significantly during the treatment with Spermomax.


The erection becomes more powerful, and the penis becomes more sensitive. But the most interesting fact is that the size of the penis increases by 10-15% while taking the remedy. The composition of the drug includes natural herbs, amino acids, aphrodisiacs and other useful components that have a positive effect on sexual function.


When choosing a way to increase the sexual capacity of the body, pay attention to natural food supplements that do not cause adverse reactions and have a complex impact on the problem.