How Having Small Penis Affects Men

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Lives of human beings have never been easy in this world because sometimes lives end because of terrorist attacks or accidents and many times because of several medical issues. Time has changed and has brought quite a number of advancements in the medical industry because now many diseases are getting treated just by having medicines. New technologies have arrived that are regularly used by doctors and physicians and also in hospitals in order to treat people. One of them is the laser technology which is used today by doctors for doing surgeries. Because of the laser technology today, bloodshed which used to happen in the past has completely stopped. At least death rate has gone down a bit because of these new advancements in the medical industry.

Even after these advancements, there are many other issues which people face in their lives because of their own thoughts. One of these problems is having a small penis. There are many men who are affected because of this issue in their lives. Many have lost their minds and now are behaving like a lunatic.

The problem is not as severe as people are making it. Just by reading some articles on the Internet by some overrated writers, men start creating a series of thoughts in their minds. They measure their organ and compare them with the standard size written in those articles and start feeling depressed in their lives. This is a disgrace to men as they lose their confidence and start behaving as they are getting neglected by the real world.

But if the scenario is seen by a normal person who is not affected by these things then he or she will not find a single thing that shows such negligence towards these men. These disorders in men should never be neglected as these can affect them a lot, and it is also true that many have committed suicide because of depression and anxiety.

Characteristics these men possess


Men who identify that their penis is small face a number of negative thoughts in their minds which disturb them a lot. Many have shared their feelings on the Internet, and it can be seen clearly that all the issues which they were facing were created by themselves only. The main characteristic of these men is they have a psychological disorder and a rigid thought in their mind which cannot be easily taken out of their mind.

People who converse with them always feel that they are very adamant about their observations and never want to listen to others. One of the primary negative thinking that comes in their mind is they have become incapable of having intercourse with women of their choice as they have a small penis and because of that, they can face embarrassment in front of women.

Most of these men who have these worst thoughts about themselves have either done intercourse once or twice with prostitutes or haven’t done it ever in their lifetime. Those once or twice experience of intercourse can go wrong, but these men think that it has gone wrong because of their small penis size. They take all the blame on themselves, and that’s the moment the problem starts. They think that women will hold them in contempt if they see them nude, this conception is entirely wrong and this should be taken out of the mind if a person wants to live a normal life.

Depression and anxiety


These men slowly but steadily start getting depressed, and anxiety creates a lot of negative thoughts in their minds. This is dangerous because people who face such a depression start keeping themselves away from women and develop a habit of being neglected. This can create psychological issues which are a very dangerous problem.

One great solution for this problem is going to a psychologist who can help a person to release all those negative thoughts out of the mind of people and make it completely free. Talking to yourself is not a solution if you are facing this issue because you will never come out from the negative thoughts. So, get a psychologist and solve this issue as quickly as possible because having a small penis will never affect anyone’s life but negative thoughts undoubtedly can affect.

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